Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dynamic IP as Static IP !!!

For this we will use DNS redirect service from alternatively you can also use

First of all register with by clicking on “No-IP Free” on home page. After you complete registration form hey will send you an confirmation e-mail, once confirmed, then you can log in to your account.

Now click on “Hosts/Redirect”, then type the host redirect name you want to which Dynamic DNS will redirect traffic after associating your IP. Let other options remain as it is if you don't know what they do.

Now create your host name. Now download “Download Client”. After installing DUC client type your e-mail address and password.

To check its working or not, type and check your IP address now ping the host name you created both will have same IP address.

Note: Most of you might be thinking what is use of this setup, you'll know its use when we will cover Trojans and Spywares. Also note that there are several free as well as paid Trojan Clients and Spywares. But free tools are prone to get detected by anti-virus program so better opt for paid ones.