Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fake IP by using SSH Tunnelier


  1. You need SSH User information. Get free from

  2. IP:
    Port: 22  (depends on your suppliers)
    User: email24h (In this Example is "root")

    Pass: xxxx

  3. Dowload Bitvise Client: click here

  4. Download Firefox: click here

  5. Check your current IP:

    In this Example is: 

    After fake-IP, we will have this IP:

     1. Install Bitvise and connect to SSH Server

    Connect to SSH Server via Bitvise

    2. Choose tab "Services"  and remember these information

    • Check "SOCKS / HTTP Proxy Forwarding"

    • Listen Interface:  - Normally

    • Listen Port: 1090 - Normally

    • Bitvise service tab

      3. Open Firefox Browser - Click Menu - Options - Option

      Firefox Options

      4. Choose "Advanced" - Tab "Network" - Click "Settings" 

      Firefox Options

      5. Paste information in step 2, into this Windows

      • Choose "Manual proxy configuration"

      • Type SOCKS Host:

      • Type Port: 8080

      • Press OK Button.

      • Config SSH

         6. Check your IP again on

        Check your IP