Sunday, August 11, 2013

Unlimited Domain SMTP

Unlimited Domain SMTP ( Warranty: 12 hours )

Warranty: 12 hours.
Price: 19$ per one

Unlimited Mailer is created from Dedicated Server. If you use computer in USA, you can send unlimited email (1,000,000 emails / 4 hours) 

The speeding of sending email depends on:
  - The location of your computer. (which you use to send email)
  - The speed of your Internet connection.

Caution: Server Uptime is 99.9%. As the reasons above, We will not guarantee if you lost the connection betweeen your computer and server.

Our Mailer are configured on clear-IP. To sending Inbox, It depends on many elements, you can view some tips:
How to check good Mailer ( New and fresh IP ) ?

Please contact me:
Yahoo!Messenger: smtpspam

Note: We only use this 
U1619652 Mail Super