Thursday, July 28, 2016

Smart Serial Mail - Portable - Full License - Free download

With the email marketing software SmartSerialMail you will be able to create informative newsletters, personalize serial emails, and send out bulk mailings.

In spite of the success of social networks one fact remains: email marketing is effective.
The powerful email marketing software enables you to create a personalized email for every single recipient from HTML templates. Writing your bulk emails is simple: it feels just like writing a serial letter in your word processing software.
The first steps into your own newsletter campaign will be child's play. Simply use the integrated Getting Started Wizard! In addition, you can copy MS Outlook account settings into SmartSerialMail - and it goes without saying that you can connect your pre-existing adress database. The Ribbon user interface (known from MS Outlook or MS Office) guarantees an easy overview.
Download here: Click here - Official SMTP | Webmail | Mailer | RDP Online Provider